Our Story


WANDERERS is a company that understands the need for daring adventure, luxurious escapes and cultural indulgence – but never underestimates the joy and predictability of simply coming home.

Inspired by "La dolce vita" – the passionate and emotive demeanor of Italians - we too believe that life should be enjoyed to the fullest. Our belief that working hard, but never missing an opportunity to be with family, travel and enjoy the many wonders of everyday life, has inspired this range of luxurious leather travel goods. Crafted to perfection, the soft, full grain leather and attention to detail in every piece, invite you too to wander the globe in style…



“Welcome to our world. Where 13 years of marriage, 3 children, life near the beach and a dream to continually get lost amongst the rich cultures and climates of this beautiful earth, have inspired our newest venture: WANDERERS TRAVEL CO.

It was a surprise anniversary trip to Italy that was the catalyst for this entrepreneurial endeavour, a family history steeped in the intimate craftsmanship of fine leather, an Italian heritage and our love of travel and wide eyed wonder that ignited this passion.

We are ever committed to creating the finest, most durable, practical and luxurious products; that only add to the memories you make as you wander the globe.

All of our designs are inspired by our travels. The people we meet, the distant lands, varied landscapes and rich history of the world we occupy. Our faith, friends, and pursuit of the perfect fairy tale holiday, will keep us forever dreaming up new and beautiful things.

We hope you love our pieces, and that wherever they take you…wherever you wander…you will always find your way back home.”

Happy Wandering!

Love the Wanderers,
Ben and Alissa